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(Team) Alexis Zurflüh

Alexis Zurflüh always works together with multiple assistants and collaborates with a comprehensive network of photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and photo editors in Munich, Zurich, and throughout the rest of Europe, ensuring that he always has the resources and ability to implement projects of any scope. The focus of his work is editorial design, where he aims to maintain a balance between design requirements and commercial success.

He has developed and brought to life dozens of (client) magazines – with a particular focus on the production of fashion spreads and reports. However, he and his team also have a great deal of experience in web design, advertising campaigns, posters, and CD covers.

At the moment, the team is in charge of art direction for the newest edition of Allegra and the Stil Leben section of the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin.


Nansen & Piccard

Alexis Zurflüh is also the art director at Nansen & Piccard. Nansen & Piccard is a Munich-based editorial office that is home to renowned journalists with a focus on editorial and corporate publishing.



(Team) Alexis Zurflüh
Eduard-Schmid-Straße 23
DE-81541 München


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Alexis Zurflüh was born in Baden, near Zurich, in 1983. After two years at the Zurich University of the Arts, he completed training in Zurich to become a Swiss federally certified graphic designer. Soon thereafter he moved to Germany, and has now been living in Munich for 10 years. At the beginning of his career, Alexis Zurflüh worked as a graphic designer; later he took over as art director in a number of renowned agencies and editorial offices. For the last three years, as an art director, he has run his own office in the Au district, located in the heart of Munich.

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